Roll your own bridge

The easiest way to onboard users to your rollup. Get a bridge up & running in minutes!

Rollbridge App on Desktop showing the Parallel Bridge

Why use Rollbridge?

Launch a bridge in no time with Conduit

Launching your rollup with Conduit? Then you can set up a bridge in just a few clicks and start onboarding your users!

Get Rollbridge with Conduit
Rollbridge App on Desktop showing the Base Bridge and showing Optimism Bridge on Mobile

If your rollup is custom, no problem! Get in touch and we can generally get your Rollbridge set up in 24 hours.

The best user experience out of the box

Rollbridge isn’t just a pretty interface. It’s been meticulously designed to make native bridging as clear and transparent as possible, giving your users piece of mind along the way.

Rollbridge interface showing clear and transparent UX

Dedicated realtime event indexer with full transaction history

When you set up your Rollbridge your get your own indexer instance. That means we can send your users realtime events so they know they need to take action, and display fully transparent transaction history.

Rollbridge history modal powered by a dedicated realtime event indexer

Powered by native bridging contracts

Rollbridge uses native bridging contracts from OP Stack and Arbitrum Orbit, which minimizes the security and liquidity risks that sometimes arise with other bridges. If you rollup is on the Optimism stack your users can access an extra special security feature we call Escape Hatch, where they can broadcast withdrawals from from Ethereum.

Optimism Arbitrum and Polygon CDK Logos

Customize the look & feel of your Rollbridge

You can easily apply custom branding to your Rollbridge to make it really sing. Combined with custom domains for both testnet and mainnet, Rollbridge has everything you need to onboard users.

Customizable logo, customizable colors, customizable background image, and customizable links along with custom domains for testnet and mainnet

Made by the team behind Superbridge

Superbridge is an officially supported bridge for the Superchain which includes Optimism, Base, Zora, Mode & more… We made Rollbridge to bring all the functionality of Superbridge to anyone starting a rollup.

Optimism SuperbridgeBase SuperbridgeZora Superbridge


What is Rollbridge?


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Get started today with a free Devnet or Testnet Rollbridge with

Testnet Pro


  • CheckmarkTestnet deployment
  • CheckmarkCustom domain
  • CheckmarkCustom theme
  • CheckmarkETH support
  • CheckmarkERC20 support

Mainnet Pro


  • Everything from Testnet Pro +
  • CheckmarkMainnet deployment
  • CheckmarkListing on homepage
  • CheckmarkEscape hatch
  • CheckmarkPriority support

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